In the ever-growing world of cannabis products, what are moon rocks and caviar? They are relatively new potent products in the world of cannabis. 

Moon rocks get their name from their fuzzy, rock-like appearance. Some people believe their name comes from the high experienced that can “send you to the moon.” The term “caviar” relates to the extraordinary quality of the product. 

Are these products the same or different? In this post, we aim to answer the following key questions that cannabis consumers ask: 


  • What makes moon rocks and caviar so potent? 
  • What are the differences, and how do you choose between them? 
  • What should you look for when you order moon rock caviar online? 
  • How do you consume moon rocks and caviar? 


Moon Rocks and Caviar: Why Are They So Potent and What Are the Differences?

Moon rocks and caviar are often the same thing, though this is not always the case. They do belong to a category of strong products that also include sunrocks. 

Both products contain incredibly high levels of THC. They are made with high-quality cannabis and concentrates to produce a potent high for even the most seasoned consumers. 

High-quality buds are dipped in hash or honey oil. Moon rocks are then rolled in kief. Caviar is sometimes, but not always rolled in kief. The kief is a key difference between the two products. 

You can find moon rocks and caviar with a THC potency of 51 percent, though they have been tested as high as 91 percent THC. 


What to Look For When Ordering Moon Rocks and Caviar Online 

If you want to try moon rocks and caviar, look at the images and read the product descriptions thoroughly before ordering. 

Moon rocks are available in pre-rolled blunts and separately to smoke in a bowl or vape. 

If your dispensary does not list moon rocks in their product offerings, check to see if they have caviar. Different regions sometimes prefer one term over the other. For example, in Colorado, some use the term caviar, whereas some like to say moon rocks in California. 


How Do You Consume Caviar and Moon Rocks?

Set aside time to enjoy your experience. The Caviar Collection Moonrocks are top-shelf products. These are crafted with carefully selected strains, and you can choose either sativa or indica. 

Free up several hours and up to half a day for your moon rock or caviar adventure. In other words, you might not be able to do anything productive once you are high. 

You can smoke or vape moon rocks and caviar. Because of the sticky oil inside, be mindful of your equipment. Some people will break up the moon rocks and sprinkle some pieces into a joint. Many like to smoke them out of a pipe since it can be challenging to keep them lit. 

Some do not recommend rolling moon rocks or caviar in joints, while others say not to vape them. If you are new to these products, keep it simple and order a pre-rolled joint.


Moon Rocks and Caviar: A Special Cannabis Treat

When it comes to the art of cannabis cultivation and product development, moon rocks and caviar offer a high that can knock out even the most experienced consumer. Our intention here is to provide knowledge of their differences, how to consume them, and what to look for to help enhance the experience of these special cannabis treats. 

As the curious names of these products suggest, moon rocks and caviar offer something out of the ordinary when it comes to getting high. 


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