If you’ve ever used a grinder, then you’ve also made kief. Kief often saves the day when you get to the bottom of your stash and scrape out your grinder for the last morsels of weed. Lo and behold, a beautiful sandy substance that can be twice as potent as the bud itself. This substance is kief. Many online weed shops in Canada sell a variety of different types of kief. That said, you can also try making your own at home.


Understanding how to make and use kief will allow you to get the most out of your cannabis, and it’s easier than you might think.


What is Kief?

When you look at a bud and notice the sparkly, shiny resin, you’re looking at what will eventually become kief. Glands on the flower called trichomes produce this resin as a defence mechanism against hungry plant-eaters. It alters the plant-eater’s mental state, and since that isn’t ideal for animals, they will stay away.


Under a telescope, trichomes look like little transparent or slightly white-coloured heads coming out of the flower. The resin they produce contains most of the plant’s cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, and the plants’ terpenes. When the cannabis is dried and cured, the trichomes and the substance they produce become sticky and powdery crystals, aka kief.


As kief contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids, it is the most potent component of the cannabis plant and can produce a powerful high.

How Do You Collect Kief?

Online weed shops in Canada will source kief products, like moonrocks and sun rocks, from reputable growers. But you don’t need to have an industrial marijuana operation or fancy equipment to collect kief. You can easily collect it yourself using one of these methods.


  1. Triple-Chamber Grinder

The easiest way to collect kief yourself is by using a triple-chamber grinder. You can find these grinders at any online weed shop in Canada, 420 shops, and even from local convenience stores. The top layer will be the grinder itself. The mid-layer will collect the ground-up bud, and the bottom layer will have a stainless steel filter.


As you grind your weed, it will drop onto the filter, causing the tiny crystals to fall through and collect in the bottom layer. This is your kief. To collect kief even more effectively, give your grinder a little shake each time you grind your weed to encourage the crystals to separate from the bud. It will take a while for the kief to build up, but it’s worth the wait. Once enough particles settle in the bottom chamber, you can start using it.


2.Sift with a Silk Screen

Another way to collect kief from your cannabis is to use a silkscreen. Silkscreens are great for collecting considerable amounts of kief from a more significant supply of cannabis. You can pick up silkscreens from art supply stores, as they are for screen printing onto fabric and clothing. 


Ensure that the screen you choose has holes that are small enough to allow the crystal to fall through but not big enough to allow any bud through. The ideal type of screen is between 80 to 270 lines per inch. The more lines per inch, the purer you kief will be.


Once you have your screen, choose a container to place under it to catch all the kief as it falls through. Then pour out your ground bud onto the screen and start moving it around using an item like a spatula or card, so the crystal drops off.


Something to remember is that pieces of dried bud can inevitably end up in your kief. The more you move your bud around on the screen, the more bud will come through and the less potent your kief will become. That said, it will still be much stronger than the bud itself.

What are the Benefits of Kief?

Kief has all the fantastic benefits of cannabis flower with even more unique perks. Here are some of the best parts of collecting and using kief.

1. High THC Content

Cannabis typically contains between 12-25 percent THC, depending on the strain. Some of the most potent cannabis strains can hit 30 percent, but that is still less than you’ll find in kief. Since kief is made up entirely of trichome crystals, it usually contains more than 50 percent THC.

2. Easy to Collect

You don’t need any fancy equipment or tools to collect kief. Unlike other cannabis products like shatter, you can collect it without any extra work at all.

3. Cleanest Form of Cannabis

Compared to smoking bud, kief doesn’t produce any smoke. It’s the cleanest form of cannabis available, as it doesn’t require the burning or inhaling of smoke produced by the flower itself. There are multiple ways to use kief, and many include smoking the bud as well. That said, some methods allow you to use kief without combining it with cannabis bud.

How Do You Use Kief?

So, once you’ve collected some powdery, sparkly kief, how can you use it? It’s a very versatile substance, and you can likely use it with your favourite cannabis consumption method. Here are some of the most popular ways cannabis enthusiasts choose to use kief:

1. Add to a Joint

Smoking cannabis in a joint is the most common form of cannabis consumption and an easy way to use your kief. All you need to do is sprinkle some kief into your ground cannabis and roll it into a joint as usual. It will skyrocket the THC content of your joint, giving you highly potent effects. You can even lightly dampen your joint or pre-roll and roll it in kief to coat the outside.

2. Vaporize it

If you don’t want to smoke your kief, you can make your own oil and vaporize it. It’s relatively simple to make the oil and will allow you to get the highest amount of THC possible. All you need to create the oil is propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and your kief. Mix half glycol, half glycerin and heat it with your kief in a double boiler. Once the consistency is smooth and incorporated, you can strain it through a coffee filter and load it into your vape pen.

3. Coat moonrocks

Moonrocks are the dream product for experienced cannabis users. They are one of the best products for people who have a high tolerance for cannabis and are looking for something highly potent. Moonrocks are buds of cannabis dipped in THC concentrate and then coated with kief. You likely won’t  find another form of cannabis that is as potent as these little buds.

4. Top off your bowl

If you prefer to smoke cannabis using a pipe or bong, you can top off your bowl with a sprinkling of kief. It’s the most convenient way to use your kief, as it doesn’t even require the effort of rolling a joint. Adding kief to your bowls will instantly up the THC content of every bowl that you hit.

Buying Kief from Online Weed Shops in Canada

To get the best quality kief, it’s best to purchase it from online weed shops in Canada. That way, you ensure the kief is collected in a clean and controlled environment and that it’s the highest potency possible. That said, anyone can use the above methods to collect kief for themselves and experiment with this potent cannabis component.


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