If you are into microdosing but starting to get bored with it, you may need a macro-dose to liven up your life. That’s where moon rocks will become your new best friends. Moon rocks are one of the most adored ways to smoke and leave this planet for a little while. These little nugs have been around for a while and stand the test of time. 

Moon rocks are nugs that are held together with a sticky concentrate and then rolled in kief. These moon rocks are hand-selected for flavor and potency, and they are worth every penny, as every rock gives you the highest-quality experience. Moon rocks are smokable, and you can even get them pre-rolled, as they give you a very intense high. 

So, what are moon rocks exactly, and can you order moon rocks in Canada? Don’t worry; we will walk you through it all and even tell you how to smoke moon rocks to your heart’s content. 


What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are flowers that have been through a rigorous quality assessment, coated with golden cannabis CO2 oil and then rolled through a crystal kief. 

These little moon rocks will give you a micro-macro dose of cannabis that provides you with an out-of-this-world high. The moon rocks range from 50 to 65 percent THC and are recommended to be smoked. 

You can order moon rocks in Canada, and these moon rocks are Pine Tar flowers rolled in Nuken Kief. 


How to Smoke Moon Rocks

First things first, why should you smoke moon rocks? Well, it heightens the quality of your high. If you are looking to get over-the-moon high but don’t want to spend a ton of cash, moon rocks are the way to go. They are usually around $30 a gram and contain 50 to 65 percent THC. 

In smaller doses of moon rocks, the high can be great for medicinal purposes as well. Thus, smoking moon rocks is like having a dessert at the end of your favorite meal. You can’t go wrong.

You may be wondering how to smoke moon rocks, and don’t worry, it’s pretty simple. Here’s what you can use to smoke moon rocks:

A glass bong

A smoking pipe

A desktop vaporizer 

Once you have one of those apparatuses ready to go, you’re ready to start smoking. A reminder, though: Moon rocks are not for the faint of heart, and if you are a beginner, you may want to smoke less as these moon rocks can have you high for a while. 

Now, here’s how to prep and smoke your moon rocks so you can have a one-of-a-kind experience:

  • Break your moon rock into chunks with your hand or a knife. 
  • From here, load your bong, pipe, or vaporizer in the way you usually would. 
  • Light the top of the moon rock slowly to mix in with the flower—but don’t touch the moon rock because it will burn you! 
  • Then inhale slowly and exhale when you are ready. 


Why You Should Try Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are small but mighty; they are meant to give you an incredible experience while also being inexpensive and elegant. 

While moon rocks have been around for a while, they still hold up and offer users an intense high and graceful relief. You can order your moon rock in Canada and enjoy it for yourself.

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