Sunrock & Moonrock: How Are They Different?

Here is an analogy for you: Let’s think of the earth as your everyday average weed. The moon can be moonrocks. And the sun represents sunrocks. When we’re at home on earth, life can be fairly normal. A trip to the moon would be extraordinary. A trip to the sun few people take, and if you get too close the results could be more extreme than you may have hoped for. That is how to think about cannabis flower (earth), moonrocks (moon), and sunrocks (sun) in terms of potency.

But there are more differences between sunrocks and moonrocks than just how high you can get from them. As different as they are, the sun, the moon and the earth are all in the same galaxy and they’re all spherical. So let’s dive a bit deeper into how they match up, how to best try them, and why they’re so great. These are high-quality products, not your average low-price bud. Follow along to get out of the atmosphere, get interplanetary, and maybe even get a little intergalactic.

What is Moonrock?

Have you ever seen a moonrock? Few people have. I’m not talking about a piece of the moon’s surface but something else that’s special. Moonrocks are fairly new cannabis creations. They are made up of three components: bud, oil, and kief.

In order to make a moonrock, the manufacturer takes a bud (sometimes low-price bud), coats it in oil (wax/BHO), and dusts it in kief. This creates a sandy, smooth, and moonlike texture. The look of this final product is where the name “moonrock” comes from.

Moonrocks can be easily faked. People are sometimes sold poor-quality lookalikes. This is because it’s difficult to tell a real one from a counterfeit. A poor-quality moonrock might contain inferior cannabis flower by concealing it with the kief dusting. Like a rock collector authenticating a geode, you would need to crack it or peer inside to see the quality contents. 

Even if you are able to look at a cannabis moonrock in person, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who would let you crack it open and ruin the aesthetic. This is why it is recommended to only buy moonrocks from a reputable online weed dispensary in Canada. We recommend buying online from a dispensary that specialises in moonrocks. Check out Caviar Collection’s moonrock collection to ensure you receive a high-quality product.

What is a Sunrock?

Sunrocks are in the same family as moonrocks. They are a coated nug made up of the same three chief ingredients (bud, oil, and kief). Where they differ is in the oil and buds used. You will not find low-price bud in sunrocks. Sunrocks also use a THC concentrate instead of hash oil. They stick to one strain of weed like indica or sativa. This provides a stronger and more predictable high.

The quality buds are showcased by not being completely covered in kief. Instead, they are usually only partially obscured. This allows the buyer to also see what they might come to expect, as opposed to moonrocks where you cannot examine them due to the powdercoat.

How Are They Different?


As mentioned,e moonrocks are easy to fake. They tend to be so heavily coated in kief that the powdered looks can hide some poorer quality, low-price buds. Only look for an online weed dispensary in Canada that specialises in these or has good reviews. Otherwise, you may be purchasing an inferior product.


In general, sunrocks are a caliber above moonrocks in potency. The THC content of sunrocks can exceed levels over 80 percent, while moonrocks hover around 60 percent. This means that sunrocks often have an extremely high potency when compared to moonrocks. Although moonrocks can have a combination of ingredients and sometimes you might even find one that is more potent, this is rare and really more luck of the draw.


In assembling moonrocks, you can take the three components and basically give the nug a delicious powdercoat. Building a quality sunrock is a bit more fine-tuned. The ingredients tend to be symbiotic because they are the same strain in different forms. The dipping and rolling of the kief is all-encompassing with a moonrock, but a sunrock gets covered only partially. 


Sunrocks are all from the same strain, while moonrocks can be a combination of strains and hybrids. There is no rhyme or reason to how moonrocks are put together. The manufacturing of sunrocks is more precise and methodical. This gives the user a more reliable high. You can ensure you get high from moonrocks, but the effects may be a bit more unpredictable.


Moonrocks look like they sound: moonlike. It’s as if you scraped off a piece of the lunar surface and brought it back to earth, only to realise it looks green and a lot like cannabis. Sunrocks vary a bit more in appearance. You can see the quality bud better because they are not fully coated in kief. They may be half-dipped or speckled instead of a full powdercoat.


Due to the ingredients, both of these tend to have higher price tags than low-price bud. Sunrocks are more pricey than moonrocks due to the ingredient makeup. The cost of a higher quality bud and THC concentrate adds up in the manufacturing process. If you are unsure which to buy and are new to this whole moonrock and sunrock thing, then opt for a quality moonrock. Not only will this provide a better introduction when smoking, but it is also more affordable.

How Do You Smoke Them? What are the Effects Compared to Low- Price Bud?

The recommended means of smoking moonrocks and sunrocks are in a joint, pipe, or water pipe/bong. Some people mix them into regular cannabis for an extra edge. You can also find topshelf pre-rolled joints at a specialty online weed dispensary in Canada.

For those who are new to the world of moonrocks and sunrocks, it’s important that you do not grind them. The stickiness of the ingredients will clog up many grinders. You also lose key components and miss out on part of the experience.

To best enjoy them, take scissors or use your hands and break apart the buds. Then place them into your smoking paraphernalia of choice and let it rip. You don’t need a lot of either. Remember you are in for 60 to 80 percent THC.

In regards to effects, some people compare the experience to a dab. This is due to the THC potency. Unlike the highs experienced with dabs, moonrocks and sunrocks tend to produce stronger and longer-lasting experiences. They also tend to taste great. Enjoy the subtle moments of euphoric uplifts along with the persistent high.

Where to Buy Moonrocks and Sunrocks

In summary, moonrocks and sunrocks are out of this world. But in order to leave earth, you have to pay a little extra. If you’ve been buying low-price bud and are looking to try something with a bit higher price tag and stronger effects, then give this a go. We recommend you browse our collections here.

Little has to change, as you can smoke these pretty much the same or mix them in with your favourite weed. You’ll be surprised by the value for the money, too. Since these little nugs pack a punch, it doesn’t take much and they will last a pretty long time. But don’t let them sit around too long, either. We doubt you will!

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