Sunrock Terpene Infused Cone


The Caviar Collection has done it again, elevating an already rich craft cannabis experience to an entirely new level of decadence. Let us introduce a one-of-a-kind Sunrock Terpene Infused Cone. It’s the same premium Sunrock Pre-Roll you’ve come to love, but with a delicious terpene-infused rolling paper for unparalleled flavour.

As always, the flower contained in each Caviar Collection Pre Roll is hand-selected for potency and essence. Once the flower has passed through a rigorous quality assessment, we carefully roll each Sunrock Cone into our very own terpene-infused rolling paper. This delivers potency with a mouthwatering terpene profile.

Before sealing, we carefully coat each Sunrock Terpene Infused Cone with a thick layer of golden cannabis CO2 oil, then roll through a crystal coating of kief. If this isn’t the peak of the cannabis experience, we aren’t sure what is.


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Berry Gelato, Strawberry Milk


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