By now, you’ve probably heard of CBD, CBD tinctures, and CBD oils.

 What you may not know, however, are the differences between them and how to maximize their functions.

We’re here to help you distinguish between the types and find out the best CBD products for you.

What is CBD?

CBD is also known as cannabidiol. 

 It has few intoxicating properties and is not to be confused with THC, which gives a loopy and intoxicating high. 

 CBD is commonly used to help with pain relief and can be ingested in gummies, tinctures, concentrates, and more.

 Those with injuries or cramps can also purchase CBD lotions or creams, which can be applied to problem areas to help relax muscles and reduce any aches.

What is a CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures are highly potent herbal extracts created using alcohol and water to extract compounds from the hemp flower. 

Think of it like tea and tea leaves: The hemp flower is added to either distilled-grain ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol before low heat is applied to the mixture. The CBD then mixes into the alcohol, much like tea steeping into water. 

For tinctures, a base of alcohol is used instead of water or oil, as it helps the body absorb tinctures more efficiently and helps extend the products’ shelf life. 

   With these tinctures, users can attain some of the purest forms of CBD. Each bottle is also typically lab tested to ensure there’s a minimal amount of THC and cannabinoids. 

Are Tinctures the Most Popular Way to Consume CBD?

The most popular ways to consume CBD in Canada are with tinctures and concentrates. The differences between the two are the forms in which they come. CBD concentrates are available in various textures, shapes, and forms, unlike CBD tinctures, which come solely in oil and liquid forms. 

 CBD tinctures are incredibly pure forms of CBD, however, and are much more potent than concentrates. It takes far fewer drops of a high-quality tincture to feel relief than the same amount of concentrate.

How Are CBD Tinctures Used?

If you’re looking for immediate relief, placing CBD oil directly under the tongue is the way to go. Under the tongue is a capillary-rich area that absorbs the product into your bloodstream the fastest.

 For a better flavour, try adding a dose of CBD to beverages or food to mask the earthy flavour. Several higher-quality dispensaries sell their tinctures in flavours such as peppermint and tangerine to hide the oil’s earthy taste.

Where to Buy CBD Oils and Tinctures in Canada

In Canada, it’s incredibly easy to purchase CBD tinctures and oils online.

 As mentioned above, because you need less CBD oil to achieve desired results than concentrates, they are often a lot pricier. CBD concentrates are often added to other things, while tinctures are used on their own.

What to Remember When Purchasing any Form of Cannabis Online

Remember to only purchase your edibles from reputable websites such as Caviar Collection, to help avoid the mismanagement of CBD in each bottle.

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