Cannabidiol oil or CBD is the non-intoxicating, non-psychoactive element found in cannabis. 

CBD is used in many different ways and is growing increasingly popular for pet consumption when used correctly.

CBD oil can help your furry friend in many ways. It helps with gastrointestinal issues, pain relief, anxiety relief, and much more. 

Always consult your veterinarian before experimenting with CBD oils with your furry friends.

Is CBD Oil Toxic for Pets?

No, it is not! One hundred percent CBD oil is safe for pet consumption, but what is toxic to pets is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the element that produces the “high” in cannabis, and if pets ingest this, it can be fatal. 

CBD oil has not been tested thoroughly on small pets, marine pets, or your friendly reptilians, so it is best to only feed CBD to cats or dogs (of any shape and size).

Ways to Feed CBD to Pets

CBD for pets is becoming increasingly popular and thus coming in different forms. Most commonly used are pet CBD tinctures, which can be administered by adding a few drops into their food, water, or directly into their mouths. 

There are also CBD pet chews and treats, and CBD paw and nose balms and creams. The CBD balms are used mainly for cracked or dry patches on paws and noses or sore spots anywhere on the body.

Is There a Difference Between Human CBD and Pet CBD?

In short, no, there is not.

However, there is a lot that is taken into account when manufacturing pet CBD products. Pet CBD oil is manufactured explicitly for pets, taking weight and taste into consideration. 

For instance, owners should not give pets weighing less than 20lbs more than 150mg of CBD. However, pets heavier than 60lbs may ingest up to 450mg. 

The pet CBD tinctures often come in beef or chicken flavours, with added salmon oil for taste and omega oils’ health benefits.

In human CBD products, there are sometimes THC components blended into them, and the dosage of CBD can be up to 2000mg, so you must be careful with what you’re feeding your furry friend.


What are the Potential Benefits of CBD for Pets?

CBD has proven to provide many health benefits for pets. CBD benefits include but aren’t limited to relieving joint pain, back pain, anxiety/phobias. It helps with seizures, gastrointestinal issues, and symptoms of cancer. It’s also commonly used for aging/wellness, immune support, and digestion, and appetite. 

CBD-infused balms and creams are for healing dry or cracked spots anywhere on the body, designed to help any furry friend in need.

CBD for pets can be highly beneficial. Are you about to go through a kitchen reconstruction, but your furry friends can’t stand loud noises? It might be time to look into CBD for pets. 

These non-psychoactive products are safe and 100% organic, designed to help any fur baby in need.