Marijuana use is becoming increasingly popular, especially since the legalization of cannabis. 

According to the World Drug Report, hundreds of millions of people recreationally and medicinally consume marijuana each year.

There are many different ways to consume cannabis, but joints and pre-rolls seem to be the most popular.

According to Deloitte’s Recreational Marijuana Insights and Opportunities, “Data shows 42% of the market prefer joints for consumption and that in general, some form of smoking remains the preferred method of marijuana consumption.”

Pre-rolls tend to stay popular as they’re so easy, accessible, and readily available to enjoy. Some of the best infused pre-rolls are found online, as they are specific to strains, potency, and flavour. 

Most, if not all, online and in-person dispensaries will sell pre-rolls, but to ensure you purchase your preferred strain, ready for you to enjoy, it’s best to buy pre-rolls online. 


Regular Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolled cannabis joints (pre-rolls) are an off-shelf, ready-to-consume cannabis joint containing high-quality flower enclosed in rolling paper. 

Regular pre-rolls are perfect when you’re looking for a specific strain, and it’s already rolled up and ready to smoke when it arrives! 

Regular pre-rolls are suitable for novice smokers or first-timers. You can choose what strain suits you best, and won’t have the levels of potency that infused pre-rolls do, which can potentially create an unwanted smoking experience.


Infused Pre-Rolls

The bases of infused pre-rolls and regular pre-rolls are similar. But infused pre-rolls often offer differences in potency, aroma, taste, and benefits.

There is a world of infused pre-rolls ready for you online, with a perfect combination of your favourite strain with some added benefits.

Some of the most popular infused pre-rolls include terpene-infused pre-rolls, pre-rolls rolled in kief, and pre-rolls infused with cannabis oil. Terpene-infused pre-rolls tend to be the best infused pre-rolls due to the benefits of terpenes and the potency, creating an unmatchable smoking experience.


Benefits of Terpenes

Terpenes contain many medicinal properties and benefits, which is why terpene-infused pre-rolls are so popular. 

Terpenes’ medicinal properties include but are not limited to anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-cancer. They also hold properties that reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Terpenes create a whole new smoking experience when infused into pre-rolls. Terpenes have lists of benefits and also enhance the flavour and aroma of the joint. 

They tend to pack a more potent punch than regular pre-rolls, but infusing terpenes with your favourite strain produces sensational flavours, taste, and smell, creating the ultimate smoking experience.


How Will You Choose Between Regular and Infused?

The bases of regular pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls are similar. They are both cannabis flower enclosed in a rolling paper, pre-rolled and ready for you to smoke upon purchase. 

Infused pre-rolls, however, will be significantly more potent, as they are usually infused with concentrated cannabis.

To ensure you purchase your favoured strain pre-rolled into the perfect joint, infused (or not!) to the ideal degree, buy pre-rolls online.


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